Business Solutions


SharePoint is a collaboration platform at its core. Many of our clients simply need to quickly setup an intranet web site and start sharing documents, calendars, tasks, and configure workflows to increase the efficiency of their operations. With careful planning, deployment, monitoring, maintenance and administration, we help our clients get and keep their SharePoint configuration set up correctly to ensure it delivers the valuable collaboration capabilities expected without creating a chaotic web of disconnected and duplicate information in the process.

Enterprise Search

With so much data and so many digital assets spread across your organization, relying solely on the organization of your data is not enough to put the right information in the hands of the right person in a timely fashion. SharePoint Enterprise Search is an extremely valuable tool that extends beyond your SharePoint environment to surface data and documents from across the enterprise. NMR can scale your search implementation to include all relevant data, documents, and metadata whether they reside in SharePoint, in a line-of-business system, or elsewhere on your network. We can tune your search relevancy by leveraging reporting, keywords, enterprise taxonomies, and user profiles to display the most relevant results for the user performing the search.

Business Intelligence and Dashboards

SharePoint brings with it enterprise-class data mining and reporting tools, allowing business information to be discovered, shared, interpreted, and published. Paired with SharePoint’s ability to access, index, and compute structured and unstructured data from disparate sources, SharePoint’s data filtering and display features can provide unprecedented insight into an organization’s performance over time. NMR’s SharePoint, SQL Server and Excel experts can deliver powerful solutions that surface business intelligence to executives and managers in real time. Our solutions include ad-hoc reporting, dashboards with key performance indicators, graphical reports, enterprise balanced scorecards, Excel Services, and countless other tools tailored to the needs of our clients.

Enterprise Social

SharePoint brings the power of social computing to the enterprise including features like blogs, wikis, tagging, expertise search, profiles, ratings and many more. Our team works with our clients to identify and fully leverage the right social features to ensure success within the culture of the organization.

Extranet Sites

Our clients often need to securely collaborate with their partners and clients. NMR leverages SharePoint-based extranet systems to address this common business need. By using SharePoint, partners and clients are provided an intuitive and familiar interface with all of the features of SharePoint, such as PowerPoint slide libraries, document sets, and simultaneous, multi-user editing of Office documents. We employ strong security mechanisms such as Microsoft Active Directory, Forms-Based Authentication (FBA), and Claims-Based Authentication to effectively secure the environment.

Enterprise Content Management

From records management to Internet-facing web sites, SharePoint provides a wide range of content management capabilities. Our clients, both large and small, are quickly realizing the value in employing functionality such as approval workflows, retention policies, end-user web page authoring, and centrally-managed metadata. With our experience, we maximize the value of these capabilities when addressing compliance and governance regulations (such as SOX, DoD 5015.2, and Section 508).

Composite Applications

SharePoint offers such an incredible variety of capabilities that employing and integrating the right components to create solid business solutions can be a daunting task. Solutions can involve sites, lists, libraries, forms, web parts, workflows, data from other systems like ERP, CRM, or custom applications, and many other SharePoint capabilities. Our team effectively integrates all of the right components to deliver an optimal solution. Composite applications, or mashups, help automate business processes, enhance collaboration and communication, derive business intelligence, and offer countless other capabilities. Some of the common processes we enhance using SharePoint based composite applications include: Program Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Human Capital Management, IT Service Management (ITILv3 based), and many other industry specific processes.