Power Plant Services

Is your facility operating safely at its peak performance?

The philosophy NMR Consulting deploys for power plant services is based upon minimizing our client’s risk while maximizing the earnings potential of the operating facility. NMR provides only the most qualified operating staff and uses the highest standards to provide a properly implemented operations and maintenance (O&M) program. By instilling an attitude of “ownership” within the facility staff, NMR will work hand-in-hand with clients to keep the facility at its maximum performance achievable.

Staffing is determined based upon industry averages and based upon the site-specific requirements. A multi-disciplined core team addresses all areas of asset management to include:

  • Facility Operations
  • Operability
  • Maintainability
  • Failure Mode Effects Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Management
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Management
  • Materials Management

Services and Products

Program and Project Management

NMR delivers seasoned program management solutions leveraging people, technology, and processes, with a solid foundation in risk management. We provide project management services to clients that include embedding NMR personnel into a client’s project team or the delivery of a program or project team consisting completely of NMR personnel. We deploy vetted solutions that allow for complete visibility into program and project issues to ensure the right information is delivered to the requisite stakeholders in near real time. NMR’s seasoned program management solution consists of risk, project, change, performance, security, and crisis management protocols, supported by tailored technological assets, to include SharePoint-based program management suites and earned value management solutions.

Materials Management and Logistics

This service is based on years of experience in helping our customers manage their inventories. NMR can act as your agent to procure your components and systems, leveraging our relationships with industry manufacturers. We then ensure that components are factory tested and delivered to your plant in a ‘just in time’ manner. Additionally, we provide logistics services that ensure the timely movement and tracking of not only parts, but also repaired and relocated equipment. NMR has agreements in place with engineering companies and other technical service companies to provide one-stop shopping. With experienced asset managers and specialized technical personnel, NMR stands ready to provide all of your materials management needs.

Procedure Development

NMR has experienced subject matter experts that develop site-specific start-up, operations and maintenance procedures to ensure the timely start-up of your plant and the ongoing ability to operate it at peak performance. Most power island equipment is provided with detailed procedures for installation, start-up, and operation of the equipment. Balance of plant equipment doesn’t always come with more than individual equipment installation and operation manuals. NMR will work with you to provide system-based commissioning, functional testing, and operating procedures for these balance of plant systems and help integrate the existing equipment operating procedures into integrated plant operating procedures.

Training Services

NMR can provide standard or site-specific training programs to operations and maintenance teams. NMR personnel are experienced in providing training on multiple power plant types to various audiences. We can easily provide balance-of-plant training and vendor training coordination up to and including major equipment training programs.

Startup and Commissioning Services

NMR has personnel available to provide world class start-up and commissioning services. Expertise includes commissioning of combined and simple cycle plants including the following gas turbine types: 501G, 501F, 6FA, 7FA, 9EA, 9E, 9FA, LM6000, LM2500, and others. Our personnel also have experience in fossil power plant commissioning as well as overall commissioning management services. NMR provides the personnel, to include the craft labor portion of the work, if required.

Operations & Maintenance (O&M) Services

NMR has the technical expertise to provide the full range of O&M services. This includes transition services, providing specialized and craft labor during maintenance periods, plant modifications, and long-term O&M contracts. NMR will staff the power plant or facility with only the most qualified staff. We implement a very aggressive training program consisting of site training classes, offsite original equipment manufacturer (OEM) curriculum, and on-the-job training with qualified senior personnel. NMR works closely with our clients to establish goals, determine the adequate maintenance staffing, and implement detailed programs to maintain the power plant or facility at peak efficiency.

Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Services

NMR’s number one goal for its O&M services is the protection of personnel, equipment, and the environment. By maintaining comprehensive guidelines for proper HSE management, NMR provides the safest and most regulatory compliant job sites. Safety starts at the top of the organization and is taught to all personnel as the major element of project performance. Our executive emphasis on safety and the environment portrays NMR’s commitment to the welfare of all personnel on the job site as well as the proper environmental stewardship that is required for sound project execution and plant operations. Our HSE guidelines provide the basis for all site-specific programs that are used throughout the world on all O&M services.