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NMR Consulting provides a turnkey cable plant solution with a clear and concise engineering plan customized to your needs – from inside plant to outside plant, access control to CCTV, and copper to fiber. By incorporating unique design concepts that enhance your existing environment and provide scalability for increases in mission demands, NMR optimizes your present performance and prepares you for the future.

An outdated cable plant can choke the transmission of critical data, resulting in increased cost and potential mission degradation. NMR understands that ensuring security and maximizing data transmission rates is crucial to operating in today’s environment of ever-accelerating technical advances.

As a value-added reseller for many industry leading manufacturers and distributors, NMR is able to engineer, implement and directly warranty cable plant installations, rather than utilizing a third-party. This unique capability establishes NMR as the single point-of-contact throughout the installation lifecycle.

NMR practical experience and cutting-edge technical skills provide security solutions that match our customers’ perceived threats. We understand that the primary role of any security solution is to deter, prevent, and protect.

Our security team consists of ASIS Physical Security Professionals (PSP), CSPM-certified Security Project Managers, design engineers, and BICSI- registered installers who have access to state-of-the-art installation and test equipment. Quality is the cornerstone of our design and installation of security systems that maintain a safe and comfortable environment that enhances our customers’ experience.

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